Tournament Challenge

Championship – Part 2

Begins Monday, April 8th @ 8:20 PM CT

The CBK Tournament Challenge will run from March 21st through April 8th, 2019. This is a head-to-head single-elimination tournament with five rounds. The winner of the Championship Round will receive $50 cash.

The NITC will run alongside the CBK Tournament Challenge. This is a consolation pool-style contest for those that did not qualify for the CBK Tournament Challenge or were eliminated from it. The top half of participants advance from each round.

Steps to play (new players ONLY):

  1. Create a new account: Register Here
  2. Log in and create an entry here: Create new entry
  3. Once created, you’ll be directed to make this round’s picks.

Leaderboard [2019]

RankPlayerRating (CF)Win %WinsLosses
1Sonya Neuroth 1490.670.7679228
2Scott Neuroth 1464.930.7338832
3Don Burnette 1437.950.7238633
4phonies 1420.630.7038335
5Jahiegel 1409.320.6838238
6JohnPatrick 1408.780.6928337
7C_hawkfan 1407.780.7178634
8Connie 1403.200.7008436
9Keith Martin 1398.880.6958236
10John Leake 1377.880.6587941