Navy Midshipmen vs Army West Point Black Knights


Date Time League Season Week Neutral Network
December 8, 2018 2:00 pm Featured Games 2018 15 Yes CBS


Army West Point

Margins Status Prediction Margin Error Bias
ARGH Ratings (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point17.007.007.00
Ashby AccuRatings (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point11.001.001.00
Atomic Football (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point12.002.002.00
Bihl Rankings (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point16.876.876.87
Billingsley Model (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point12.852.852.85
Billingsley+ Model (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point5.374.63-4.63
Born Power Index (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point10.400.400.40
Brent Craig Ratings (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point14.504.504.50
Catherwood Ratings (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point11.001.001.00
Computer Adjusted Line (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point8.501.50-1.50
Congrove Ratings (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point10.510.510.51
Daniel Curry Index (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point16.256.256.25
Donchess Index (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point3.706.30-6.30
DP Dwiggins (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point10.000.000.00
Dunkel Index (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point12.632.632.63
ESPN Power Index (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point10.740.740.74
Fremeau FEI (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point29.0019.0019.00
Howell Ratings (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point17.007.007.00
Keeper Ratings (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point11.211.211.21
Laffaye RWP (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point12.142.142.14
Laz Index (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point14.924.924.92
Lee Burdorf Ratings (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point10.800.800.80
Massey Consensus (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point23.9913.9913.99
Massey Ratings (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point14.114.114.11
Nutshell Sports (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point13.753.753.75
Payne Power Ratings (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point19.119.119.11
PerformanZ Ratings (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point20.1710.1710.17
Pigskin Index (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point10.000.000.00
PiRate Bias (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point14.504.504.50
PiRate Mean (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point13.303.303.30
PiRate Ratings (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point14.604.604.60
Sagarin Golden Mean (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point13.773.773.77
Sagarin Predictor (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point11.131.131.13
Sagarin Ratings (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point12.682.682.68
Sonny Moore Power Ratings (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point19.689.689.68
StatFox (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point9.001.00-1.00
Super List (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point33.1423.1423.14
Team Rankings (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point10.400.400.40
The Power Rank (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point8.401.60-1.60
ThePredictionTracker (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point13.853.853.85
Media Favorite Guesses (NCAAF)QualifiedArmy West Point16.626.626.62
Confidence Status Prediction Confidence Margin Points Bonus Total Points

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