Bowl Series Challenge

1st Place Prize: $100 in Bitcoin or $50 Cash

Steps to play:

  1. Create a new account: Register Here
  2. Log in and create a Bowl Challenge entry. Just click the link, scroll to the bottom and submit: Create new entry
  3. Once created, you will be redirected to make bowl picks.
  4. First game locks Saturday, December 15 @ 12:30 PM CDT.

Announcement: Welcome to PreLeague

Leaderboard [2018]

RankPlayerRating (CF)Win %WinsLosses
1Brandon Colet 1559.080.71011045
2Jahiegel 1556.320.71011045
3MediaFavorite99 1530.590.69710847
4Brian Pritchard 1524.050.68410649
5Louie Gallardo 1523.970.69710847
6chadb007 1520.730.69910746
7Sonya Neuroth 1516.260.67710550
8MIKE PEKACH 1516.170.70310946
9Protected: Lynn D. 1512.210.66510352
10Phil Zorn 1511.990.67710550